Welcome to Blue Lotus Sri Lanka

Welcome to Blue Lotus Tours; what we do is organise a Sri Lankan experience to match your expectations. Actually, our guests have pointed out that we successfully exceeded them in the best possible way. Our comprehensive knowledge of the country, it’s people, and great relationships with the leisure industry enable us to:

  • Secure excellent accommodation in keeping with your requirements:
  • Suggest itineraries that are unusual and exciting
  • Organise the most efficient travel modes so that your transit times are minimisd
  • Expose you to cultural elements that are steeped in the history of the country

Whether you are looking for a holiday of a lifetime, or visiting for business and want to see more than our board rooms and business people; our friendly and skilled Blue Lotus team will work with you to organise the holiday you want. And it is more than likely that we will also help with your next holiday; just as we do for 60% of our current customers.

If you know what you want, that’s good. Even if you are not sure, we will help by working with you to identify the best mix of experiences. So, once again, welcome and let Blue Lotus take care of you.